Wednesday, March 2, 2011


David Lindsey holding the famous GIBSON J-200 sunburst (the actual J200) which Bob was photographed holding on the front of Nashville Skyline.  'At this point in the  early nineties the guitar was owned by Chris Simpson of the British group Magna Carta who never used it in performance but brought it with him that night so I coud take a look at it. He bought it in the early seventies in a music shop in London.  Nobody seems to know how it got there since Dylan had used it at the Isle of Wight but there are also pictures of Harrison playing it in 1969.I've often wondered why it was for sale. maybe Harrison traded it in for something else. Strange though
when it had been featured on a famous Dylan album cover.
              The other odd fact I discovered that night is that apart from having Harrison's autograph scratched on the back, there are also Lonnie Donnegan's and of all people Jimmy Saville's !  Chris Simson insists it was like that when he bought it.  So if anyone tries to sell you what they claim is the Nashville Skyline guitar, just take a look on the back'.