Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A custom 14-fret slotted head Dreadnought Martin guitar with ''Tex Fletcher'' style letters commissioned by Cesar Díaz (Bob’s guitar technician in the nineties) for Bob Dylan

'through a good bit of custom experimentation, it became clear that Dylan liked the full-sized Dreadnoughts with full-thickness necks and bright Engelmann spruce tops. In reverence to Jimmie Rodgers, Bob had a particular appreciation for slotted headstocks.
There is a ''Tex Fletcher'' Dreadnought in the Martin Museum with thin block lettering on the fingerboard. Cesar conveyed to me that Bob liked that style of lettering, so I drafted a special ''Bob Dylan'' fingerboard that was subsequently inlaid by David Nichols of Custom Pearl Inlay. The fingerboard  found its place on a Custom Dreadnought that Cesar delivered to Bob, but by the time it was completed , Cesar's role in the band was changing. Eventually, Cesar stopped working with Dylan altogether and there was some question whether  the Custom Dreadnought remained in the corral of Dylan instruments.'
 from Dick Boak's MARTIN GUITAR MASTERPIECES book       guitar's picture by John Sterling Ruth
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