Tuesday, May 3, 2011


France 1992...with a Gibson J-200...this is not the same guitar pictured on the 'Nashville Skyline' album...you can tell the difference between the Nashville 'moustache' bridge with pearl inlays and the empty one...


  1. Has anyone ever definitively determined whether the Nashville Skyline J-200 was a gift from George Harrison or just loaned to him for the photo shoot. I wonder because to me the photo looks like it could have been taken in November of 1968 during Harrison's visit to Woodstock. Dylan's appearance and dress irate very similar to photos taken with him and Harrison at that time. I know he also used the guitar at the Isle of Wight show in August 69, but it could easily have been reloaned by Harrison for the concert. Dylan and Harrison were hanging out together in the days prior to the show. I also know Harrison was depicted with a J-200 during the January 69 Get Backk sessions. Was it the same J-200?

  2. Irate should be are. iPad autocorrect