Friday, January 4, 2013


11 March 2005, Portland : Buck Owens has taken Dylan one of his famous red,white and blue guitars to give to him, Buck had something of a history of handing out his signature guitars to people he respected and admired - and always with an inscribed gold pickguard.

The Buck Owens signature Tele was manufactured in 1998 and discontinued in 1999. It was a Limited Edition Run as only 250 examples were made.
This guitar sported a solid basswood body, a pair of Texas Special single-coils, 4-way switching, gold hardware, brasss pickguard and a maple neck
with rosewood fingerboard and 21 vintage frets.

Buck Owens:"I designed it along with Simie Mosely. The idea came to me in 1965 from all the unrest and people burning the American flag.
By 1966 I had designed the entire guitar and put it on the market for people if they wanted one. I also got Don [Rich] to paint his fiddle red,
 white and blue; and Doyle Holly had a red, white and blue bass. It was my way of saying I loved America''

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